Day 63 – Dark Clouds and Simple Rules

There are rumblings of budget cuts and layoffs at my job. Needless to say it is a stressful time for all, from the higher-ups, on down. Every company goes through it. I have been through one layoff, about 10 years ago, was hired back almost immediately – part-time, no bennies, for about 8 months, then back to full-time. I have been employed since; however I have felt the dark cloud looming numerous times before the actual storm has hit. I have seen massive carnage in different forms. I walked into my department July of 2011 and found that half of my co-workers had been let go.

So the dark cloud is looming again and paranoia permeates the atmosphere of my workplace. Do I get sucked in, or do I pull from the inspirational piece I have hanging at my cubicle? I’ll take the latter – especially #s 1, 2, 3 and 10 – and share with you.

Thank you, Michael R. Mantell, Ph.d, for these wonderful and powerful reminders.


10 Simple Rules for Living Life Well

By Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D.

1.      Why worry? It’s the most unproductive thing you can do.

2.      Why be fearful? Most of the things you fear won’t come to pass. Change your perception and you’ll stop scaring yourself. 

3.      You can’t cross a bridge until you come to it, so don’t try. And don’t put up your umbrella before it starts raining either.

4.      Love, be purposeful, express gratitude, laugh and put family first. Yes, those are more than just one rule. But they are important.

5.      Taking your problems to bed makes for a poor bedfellow. Leave your problems in another room, and you’ll sleep better. Create deep, restful sleep for yourself. 

6.      Other people care for their problems better than you, so don’t borrow theirs. And while you’re at it, don’t let others dictate how you live your life. 

7.      You can’t relive yesterday’s good or bad, so focus on now. It’s best to drive looking through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

8.      Be as fit and healthy in your mind and body as you can be—proper exercise, wise nutrition and rational thinking all help. So will staying away from anyone who smokes and avoiding any other toxins you can identify. You won’t get to 80 if you don’t live to 60. 

9.      Your frustrations and anger are rooted in your insisting that your life must be different than it is—this is the ultimate obstacle to taking positive steps forward.

10. Develop “regardless thinking,” so that no matter what happens in your life—and stuff will–you choose to be happy, nevertheless.  That includes, problems with money, relationships and jobs.


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