Day 37 — Helping and Healing — 40 Days of Writing, Spring Session

I have mentioned in several recent posts about the estrangement I have with my younger brother Brian and how I have recently started seeing a psychologist to help me deal with the sadness and anger I am feeling.

Meanwhile, I am corresponding with some second-cousins from Northern California, who, because of their own childhood dysfunction and the early death of their mother Susanne, know very little about their mother’s side of the family. Their maternal grandmother, Sue McAfee is my aunt. She was the oldest of five kids, while my mother was the youngest.

As I search for an old photo (taken in the late 1930’s) of all five kids, I do have a few pictures of Aunt Sue. I sent one to John (via Facebook), Susanne’s middle son, and he was so appreciative. I found a couple more of Aunt Sue, along with a poem she wrote about her kids, and sent them to John as well, asking him to please forward to his brothers.

I also let John know that I have very fond memories of their grandmother (Aunt Sue treated me like I was her own daughter), and also some great memories of Susanne. I let him know I would share whatever I could.

I may never be able to reconnect with Brian, but helping to connect John and his brothers to pieces of their mother’s life is very healing for me. It brings me joy and a sense of peace.

I feel my mother and my Aunt Sue smiling down upon me. Their sister Berniece (who passed away earlier this year) is with them, beaming as well.

You ladies have fun, and I will do try to do my best down here. 

About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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