Day 38 — Trudy — 40 Days of Writing, Fall Session 2014

My Boston Terrier Trudy had her 13th birthday Sept 14th 2014. It’s no wonder this dog was born 3 days after 911, as she has been a hell raiser from the get-go. Ornery, bullish, and aggressive toward her siblings, she is the polar opposite with Chuck and me; always seeking snuggles and affection.

I credit some of Trudy’s social issues and huge size — she was supposed to weigh only 25 lbs., but has topped out at 46 lbs. — to the fact that she came from a puppy mill (unbeknownst to me at the time). She had all her papers, yet they never amounted to much as we never entered her in any shows, etc. I took her to training classes, but she never quite caught on, plus I never worked with her diligently enough.

Trudy Puppy
Bonding with my new puppy, Trudy,
November 2011.

What Trudy has lacked in manners she has more than made up for in personality. True, she can be a brat, but as my motto with people has always been, “If you’re gonna be difficult, at least make me laugh in the process. Bully Boston

Boston Terriers enjoy warmth, and Trudy — aka “Jethrine” — is no exception. Not only does she enjoy burrowing under the covers in our bed, she loves to wear sweatshirts and other attire. Cheaper to buy 4T in kids’ sizes for her, she has no complaints, although she will snap at any dog that comes near when I first put the shirt on her.

Trudy Shirt

Trudy and her comical facial expressions are usually a hit during holidays, and get a lot of Facebook “Likes.”

Trudy BirthdayTrudy WitchTrudy IrishTrudy Bride

One of her favorite places to be is out front on the terrace with me. Ever-alert, she’s not the best at minding her manners when people and other dogs walk by. Now and then she’ll see a feral cat, and that will put her right over the edge.

Trudy & Me1

Speaking of “edge,” another favorite place for her is on the edge of the bathtub when I am in there. I love that, in spite of her age, she is still quite agile enough to jump up and balance without falling in.

Trudy bath

Our younger, smaller Boston, Olive, has always seen Trudy as sort of a mother figure; our other three dogs tolerate her for the most part. Now and then we are able to get a pretty good group shot.

Trudy & Co

Although Trudy is able to jump pretty high in her old age, she is moving slower where everything else is concerned. Pretty much deaf and partially blind, she doesn’t always hear us call her, and she runs into things, and stumbles going up and down the stairs. Yesterday she ran in the back door and instead of taking an immediate right like she has thousands of times before, she ran straight and took a header right into the pantry doors.

I know my poor old sweet, frosty-faced girl is probably not long for this earth. I try and practice as much patience as possible with her, while exercising some tough love if she gets out-of-hand with the other dogs. No longer a 46-pounder, her weight has whittled down to about 38 now.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had dogs well into their golden years, and that tells me that they are so happy they are in no hurry to leave. I’ll know when it’s time for Trudy to cross the Rainbow Bridge; I just hope she stays with us for a while longer.

Trudy & Me2

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