Day 7 — Goodbye to Debbie Cruz — 40 Days of Writing, Spring Session 2015

Debbie Cruz and me

It’s cool having a work buddy, and Debbie Cruz has been mine since I came to this company almost two years ago. It’s a wonder that she wanted to be my friend, as she was up for the job I wound up getting. She was working in the Continuity department, and when a Traffic Reporter position was posted March of 2013, she thought she had a great chance as she had plenty of traffic reporting experience, plus was had the advantage of already being in the building.

I know it devastated her when they decided to go with me, plucking me from a dead-end job at a company that felt as if it was constantly circling the drain; but since Debbie and I had had the opportunity to work together briefly at that company, and even socialized a bit on the outside, when they broke the news to her that they had hired me, she replied, “Well, at least it’s Kelly Danek.”

To be an on-air personality stuck in an office-type job can be grueling and it truly does take its toll on one’s health. Debbie was proof of this. There were times when I felt guilty, having a job practically fall into my lap, when she had come so close to getting it.

What’s great is that Debbie and I have become the best of friends since I came here; we have shared a lot of things that we weren’t able to share with others. She has supported me through my tears, mostly having to do with my younger brother’s & my estrangement. I have supported her by reminding her to never give up, and that there will be something great in her near future.

It turns out I was right. Debbie has landed an on-air Radio News Anchor position at another company in town where she will start end of April. Today is her last day working with me.

Bittersweet, yes, as I will miss our frequent chats that always took place in the privacy of my studio. I will miss having Mexican breakfast (machaca and eggs) take-out from El Portal once a week. I will miss the laughter. I will miss her face and her smile and her motherly disposition. I will miss her support and her hugs.

I won’t be the only one here who will miss Debbie Cruz. She is one of those sweet, fun, well-liked personalities that makes work fun.

But she is off on a new adventure, one that will be good for her career, her heart, her soul, her self esteem and hopefully her pocketbook. I am truly thrilled for her, as she is the most deserving of all good things.

I told her we must try and get together at least a couple times a month, for a walk, a bite, a drink — anything that will help to fill the void of not being able to see her at work everyday.

Goodbye and good luck, Debbie. Let’s catch up soon.

About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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