Day Two – The Wind – 40 Days of Writing, Fall 2015

It is very windy today. I hate the wind. It can be destructive on its own, but throw a wildfire into the mix and the destruction is multiplied.

Back in my Antioch days the wind would come in from the foothills and whip through our town. It was not unusual to see tumbleweeds rolling past our house on Minaker Drive. There were sand dunes near the river, and that wind would scatter sand for what seemed like miles.

When I worked at Handyman in County East the wind would whip through the front doors of that store and send hats, paperwork and money flying. Once there was a customer standing at one of the registers. The $20.00 bill he was holding flew out of his hand. He chased it a few yards and as he bent down to pick it up, an empty shopping cart blew in and came up behind him, knocking him over. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt so I didn’t feel bad laughing inside.

I know people that love to sail like the wind, but today’s weather reports are advising people to stay off the water; conditions are just not safe.

There is debris and fallen trees in roadways all around the county, all because of the wind.

Rain tends to cause problems as well, especially when people forget how to drive in it; but we truly need the rain. Wind, we can do without.

Please don’t let there be any wild fires. All the wind does it fuel them. I hate the wind and I hate people who cause fires even more.

The wind is also fueling hate and angst within me. I worry about the fence in our backyard blowing over and our dogs getting out. I worry about falling apart if something were to happen to one of them. I worry about a tree falling on my new car.

Last Friday was the Paris attacks. Everything just feels so shaky. The wind represents turbulence. I am uneasy, even paranoid.

I need to get into some pajamas and curl up with my dogs for my nap and hope that resting will help cast away my anxieties. I’ll wear earplugs to keep out the noise. Maybe Griffin will snuggle up to me.

Hopefully I will wake up refreshed and ready for my afternoon shift. Maybe the wind will have died down by that time. I’m not counting on the latter, but we’ll see. If it doesn’t, I will have no choice but to power through, take precautions where and when necessary and accept it. After all, it is just wind.

About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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