Day 9 — Saying Goodbye — 40 Days of Writing, Fall 2015

…to the electric wine cooler from Sharper Image that a friend gave me because she had no use for it, and it was taking up space.

…to the electric cheese grater with 4 different attachments. I have a food processor and a box grater which serve the purpose fine.

…to the electric knife that scares the shit out of me to use, especially since I almost hit the power button instead of the ejection button.

…to the Texas-shaped basket that some sort of food gift came in, that I kept hoping to reuse somehow.

…to the electric egg poacher that makes the eggs triangular shaped and overdoes the yolks.

…to the watermelon-designed iced beverage dispenser I never use. I collect watermelon tschotskes, but this one does nothing but take up space.

…to the three lace tablecloths with tattered edges. They’re all too small for my diing room table.

Misfit items that no longer have a place in my life. Some never did have a place. I load them all up in my CRV and drive to Goodwill where two smiling women greet me at the back, and graciously take my items off my hands. They thank me profusely and give me an itemized receipt.

I drive away feeling lighter, freer and more organized. I hope my things find decent homes.

About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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1 Response to Day 9 — Saying Goodbye — 40 Days of Writing, Fall 2015

  1. Cozette says:

    So much stuff like that is boxed up and taking space in my basement. I keep meaning to donate it somewhere. Just need to load it in the truck and go.

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