Day 19 — Just Stay Busy — 40 Days of Writing, Fall 2015

All the crazy stuff going on in the world right now — most recently the San Bernardino tragedy — sometimes makes me want to go to bed and stay there for a year. Unfortunately — no, make that fortunately — I had a very busy day that required my a.m. shift (5:00 – 8:40), then numerous errands: a trip to Michael’s for a glue gun, taking one of my dogs to PetSmart for a grooming, buying fish food, poking around Home Goods, then getting home with newly coiffed dog, attempting to hang mirror I bought at Home Goods, making lunch, then trying to get a nap in before my afternoon shift.

Once at work, a whole new list awaited me, and on it was nothing I could delegate to someone else. Part of why I was so busy is that I am taking tomorrow (Friday) off for a couple of things I committed to. Regardless, it is technically a 3-day weekend. Wah. I literally wrote out my list, checking each thing off as I went along. There was no time for Facebook games or even Facebook, for that matter.

I did have CNN on in my studio so I could keep abreast of what was going on with the situation in San Bernardino.

I stayed at work over an hour later than usual to finish my tasks, but I did finish them to the point where I can hit the ground running when I return to work on Monday.

Something weird happened throughout my day. Although I was conscientious about the latest developments going on in the News, I was too busy to dwell, fret or panic. I was going on with my life.

It’s a difficult, painful time. But we must all continue to live, love, laugh and carry on. To live in constant fear, is to lose.




About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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