Day 2 — Forgot to Write, until Now — 40 Days of Writing, Winter 2016

I woke up this morning realizing I completely forgot to write yesterday, unless an email to a friend constitutes writing. So I am making it up here, and Day 3 will be written at some point today as well. I am determined.

In my defense, yesterday was a busy day. I won’t get into my crazy works hours that get me out of bed at 3:45 a.m., but outside of work there was a dog grooming appointment for Griffin at 9:30 (Express service, which takes about an hour), during which I hit nearby The Dollar Store and Home Goods during. The Dollar Store is one of those places I would normally steer clear of, except for the fact that it is great for picking up Ajax Dish Soap (in an array of scents) and White Rain Body Wash (ditto), plus tea lights and votive candles.

The big selling point of The Dollar Tree, however, is the fact that it is right next door to Home Goods, one of my all-time favorites. You just never know what you’ll find there, and half the time you go in looking for something in particular and come out with something way at the other end of the spectrum. Such was the case when I went into that store over a year ago (while Griffin was being groomed) just to browse and stumbled upon a piece of furniture I had been looking high and low, on and off the internet for: a Bombe Chest.

(I’m actually going to save the Bombe Chest story as it is an entity of its own.)

I did find something totally different on this Home Goods Excursion that I had been looking for: An advent calendar for Chuck. Unlike the one I picked up for him at Trader Joe’s a few years ago, this one was a wooded box About 25″ in height, 16″ wide and 4″ deep, with a glassed-in Santa and Reindeer Scene at the top, and 25 little doors below.

What to put in it, I wasn’t sure, so I just started grabbing bags and boxes of decent-looking candy, figuring I couldn’t go wrong, considering Chuck’s sweet tooth. I figured if I found anything that was more substantial to insert into the calendar as the month progressed, that would be an easy switch-out.

After picking up my cute and newly groomed dog — his trademark mohawk keeping it gangsta, Schnauzer-style — we headed home. I cleaned up the advent calendar, popped in some candies, then it was off to the veterinarian for routine shots for Griffin and a much-needed check-up for Olive, my Boston Terrier, who has had diarrhea for the past 5 days (I won’t go into detail about retrieving the necessary stool sample).

Griffin, having had enough drama for one morning, did not take to his shots at all, squirming and wrestling; but with the help of all the strength I could muster, Dr. Lewis managed to get it done. Then while examining Olive, Dr. Lewis detected a heart murmur. This required a blood test and a referral to another doctor who could do an ultrasound. Olive is only eight, so I am up for expenses and precautions, but still…

We got home in time for me to take my necessary hour-long nap before my afternoon shift. Once back at work I multitasked, reporting traffic, plus also recording my Sunday music show. The annual KSON St. Jude’s Radio-athon was going on down the hall so I would occasionally take a break to go see how they were doing. By the end of my shift —and the radio-athon — they had raised $241, 240. Champagne flowed, several heartfelt speeches were given and hugs were exchanged. Holding my glass of bubbly I teared up with emotion and pride that I was in the presence of such amazing people.

I hated to tear myself away from the party, but it was 7:15 and Chuck was waiting for dinner at home, which I still had to pick up. El Portal is a good go-to for express Mexican take-out, so that was my next stop, then home to hungry husband and catching up on DVRed shows (a couple of comedies) in the living room while having dinner.

I refuse to watch The Walking Dead while eating (fans of the show can relate), so after dinner we went upstairs to continue our DVRed shows, of which I only made it through a 90-minute episode of TWD before wanting to get to bed. I know it annoys Chuck when I am ready for bed around 9:30 p.m. on weekends, yet sometimes stay up until 10:30 on weeknights, but if that is one of our biggest problems as a couple, then I think we’re still winning.

Fortunately no Walking Dead nightmares permeated my sleep, but there were other strange dreams which I can’t seem to remember at this time.

Another full day awaits me, starting with a visit to an assisted living facility with therapy dog Griffin. Despite the fact that he is probably still reeling from yesterday’s back-to-back  disgraces, I may still get him into some sort of festive attire, so as not to be shown up by one of the other therapy dogs — more than likely a placid Golden Retriever or Lab dressed as a reindeer.

After that, there will be lots to do around the house, mostly routine chores and decorating for the Holidays. And writing.

I still feel like I am blowing off the cobwebs (of not writing for so long); in fact, the original title for this piece was Blowing off the Cobwebs, until, in an effort to defend myself, I began to go off the tangent and into all of the components that made up my yesterday.

I’m guessing there may be numerous times when my contributions to The 40 Days will be something like this; more of a diary, which isn’t so bad except that it may not be of much interest to some. But it is writing. A day late, but I will catch up later today with Day 3.






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A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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