Day 6 — Angel Cards — 40 Days of Writing, Winter 2016

I have been in a funk off-and-on throughout my day. It seemed to start when I pulled a muscle near the left side of my upper ribcage in my Pilates class this morning. I did the same thing last Tuesday, only on the other side; that was my first day back to Pilates after taking a 4-year hiatus (my chiropractor recommended I get back, to help precent more back problems).

After a busy afternoon at work, I came home and started dinner for Chuck. I decided while dinner was cooking to straighten up the kitchen somewhat (that whole clutter thing again). Usually productivity helps to lift my spirits, but I still felt somewhat down.

I decided a read from my Angel cards was in order. I pulled out the deck and lightly shuffled it, feeling my energy pulled into the cards. A few more shuffles, then I fanned them out and drew one card (sometimes I draw three, for Past, Present and Future, but not tonight).



The instruction booklet read:

Ah, confidence — the ability to walk forward and understand that you’re a powerful individual with the support of the Universe, yet you’re someone who goes gently among the other inhabitants of this planet. Confidence is a blessing that we can all have more of, and the Universe will allow you to feel its love and support with this magical spell.

If this spell has chosen you, the Universe is asking you to believe in yourself, just as it believes in you. Cast this spell and you’ll comes to know your strengths and to cherish your differences — confidence is all about enjoying the fact that you’re unique, and understanding that you’re all the more wonderful for it.

If you’ve chosen this spell, you may worry far too much about how others see you; consequently you may judge yourself harshly. You’re wonderful — the Universe knows it, and here’s an invitation to believe it for yourself.

I might add that there is no bad read in these Angel cards. Some may think they’re BS; but each time I draw a card or cards, something hits home, and I feel some or all of the strains of life lifting and floating away.

I recommend Angle cards for those times when you’re craving guidance, affirmation and comfort. The Universe has numerous ways of reaching out to us and sending us messages and signs; Angel cards, fictional as they may seem, are just another portal, radiating direct and sound kindness and support we may be craving at the time.



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A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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1 Response to Day 6 — Angel Cards — 40 Days of Writing, Winter 2016

  1. Cozette Klinge says:

    I have 2 decks of angel cards. Mine don’t talk about spells but the rest is very life affirming for me on many occasions. I love them. Thank you for sharing. I would have never reveled this to strangers for fear of being labeled a wacko LOL. But I think it’s all about whatever helps you get thru life as positively as possible.

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