Day 11 — The Maids have Arrived — 40 Days of Writing, Winter 2016

We’re talking cleaning people.

It has been a stressful and humbling situation realizing that Chuck and I simply aren’t good at housekeeping, and having to take the steps to get help. We both work full-time (which I forget at times, since I enjoy my job) yet we have plenty of time on weekends to keep our house tidy. But we simply don’t want to spend every weekend doing housework.

After researching and contacting several cleaning services (to no avail; there was no one that could get to my house this weekend), I retrieved a flyer that had been tucked into my gate a couple months ago. Linda’s Housekeeping. I contacted her, left a message, then she called back and we set up an appointment for today.

Linda arrived with her sister Brenda and after a tour of the downstairs area, Linda sighed and said, “This is an all-day job; will $325.00 be okay?” Of course I agreed that that was fine, and I apologized for Chuck and me being “such slobs.”

Linda smiled and said, “But that’s what we’re here for. You work full-time.”

Oh yeah, that’s right. All this time I was feeling lazy and indulgent, hiring someone to do the things I simply didn’t want to do, and Linda assuaged my guilt in two sentences.

It still feels strange; as I sit up here typing away, I can hear the bustling of Linda and Brenda downstairs. I hear the clinking of glassware and sounds of metal hitting metal as they disassemble, then reassemble the cooktop of my Viking stove.

Once the ladies are finished downstairs, they’ll come up and do the master bath and that should be it. Then I will decide if it would be worth it to have Linda and Brenda come in twice a month to do whatever other tasks I find daunting: cleaning out the pantry or refrigerator, cleaning the floors and countertops or whatever. My friend Diane has her cleaning service come in twice a month just to do bathrooms and kitchen. She claims it’s the best money she has ever spent.

Why has it taken me so long to get to this place? Pride? Seeming (as mentioned above) lazy and indulgent? Whatever the case, the maids have arrived, and my peace of mind is not far behind.




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A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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