Day 12 — Misplaced Decor — 40 Days of Writing, Winter 2016

Deep in the throes of Christmas decorating, we realized yesterday that we were missing the large Rubbermaid container that holds wreaths. Two small wreaths my friend Diane made for us, which we hang on either side of the dining room entrance, a wreath made of tinsel and ornaments, and a beautiful white & silver one I bought specifically to hang above the credenza with the rest of the white, silver and gold themed decor.

Chuck checked the attic, but came up empty; I checked it twice today, with the same results. It’s driving me crazy, as I hate for certain decor to miss the holidays simply because we couldn’t find it. It’s like the wreaths are alive or something.

I could go out and buy a few wreaths, but it seems silly, as we already have so much Christmas stuff, much of which we barely have room for.

I have to get out of the mindset that these items are living things. Wherever they are, they’re not weeping that they have been left out.

Regardless, I will more than likely keep searching for them until the day of our party. There will be a void that can’t seem to be filled.

It’s times like this that I wonder if it is really about missing decor, or perhaps more about something missing in me.


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A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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