Day 12 — Working like a Dog — 40 Days of Writing, Summer 2017

I was feeling extremely tired and sore last night, and for some reason, the Beatles song “Hard Day’s Night” kept running through my brain.

“…and I’ve been working like a dog.” Aside from helping to facilitate the second line into a rhyme “…sleeping like a log,” I have always been puzzled by this expression, so I looked it up. It simply means working very hard.

Aside from extracting peanut butter from a Kong applies, my dogs don’t really work, but there are plenty that do. There is a whole Working Group category in most dog shows, German Shepherds still reign where police dogs are concerned, and then of course there are the therapy dogs, like my Griffin, who “work” at bringing joy and comfort.

Back to police dogs, I had to chuckle one time while watching the news. A high speed chase had ended and the suspect had been pulled from the car and was laying handcuffed on the ground. A canine unit was nearby, and the officer was struggling somewhat to restrain his German Shepherd, who kept lunging toward the suspect. The news anchor commented, “…and as you can see, the police dog is anxious to get to work…” Fortunately — especially for the suspect — dog intervention proved unnecessary for that particular situation.

Working like a dog; I’ll admit that, at my age, it is a rarity that I do. Nothing too physical about my job, unless we’re talking vocal cords. So, why was I so tired last night? No idea. Perhaps I still hadn’t caught up on sleep from the previous night when I only got about three hours in.

Not sure where else to go with this. There is a lot on my mind.



About kdanek17

A work in progress. Radio personality and voiceover artist. I love cooking, entertaining, and being with friends & family (which includes my dogs).
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